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Some Nifty Windows Notepad features

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Notepad is synonymous with Microsoft Windows since the days of version 95. The operating system has come a long way since then but the good old notepad remains the same. This is very surprising. With the evolution of its Operating System one would have thought Microsoft to come up with a robust and programmer friendly Text Editor, but unfortunately nothing has changed as far as NOTEPAD goes.

Notepad and other text editors for most of the time are used to program websites by hand coding. There are other uses too. This article / tutorial is about those unknown / hidden features.

1.Windows Notepad can be used to store messages with date and time. Open notepad via start menu >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Notepad. Type “.LOG” in the first line without quotes. Save the file. Next time when you open the file you will find notepad has added time and date to it.
2. Time and Date can also be added to the messages in Notepad by pressing F5 key.
3. Sometimes when you are typing a simple letter ( Draft Copy ) you need to print the document too. Unfortunately, by default Notepad will print the document with a very indifferent header / footer like ” Untitled ” and ” page 1 of 3 “. To change the header / footer goto page setup and change the default values in the corresponding text boxes.
4. Notepad is also handy when you want to copy paste content from webpages to an Excel OR word file. Normally, if you paste directly in Excel Application the result can be very disastrous. The alternative is Notepad. Copy the content from a webpage and paste it in Notepad. Again copy the matter from Notepad and paste in Microsoft Excel using Unicode method.
5. Now this is neither a tip nor a help command. This is called the four three three five sequence ( Notepad interprets as unicode and not ANSI ). Write the following text in notepad without quotes “Bush hid the facts”. Save the file. Open and view the contents. Surprised!
6.It seems our good old Notepad knew all along about the 9/11 attack on world trade center. Type Q33N which was the flight number. Change the font to WINGDINGS. Yes, very depressing.
7.If you want to change the default settings of notepad such as word wrap, font and size, header, footer etc Start Regedit, Go to HK_Current_User / Software / Microsoft / Notepad. Here you can change the default settings.
Hope the above tips, tricks and other titbits will help you in your day to day work

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