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This is more of a tutorial than a article. Therefore I have decided to post here in the Blog as well as in the tutorial section also. Following are few Windows Vista tips which some people might not be aware. They really are helpful … so continue reading.

1. File Menu Access :

vista may not have file menu in certain applications for example windows explorer. To gain access temporarily use the ALT key. To permanently enable it open Windows Explorer – goto Organize – Folder and Search Options – Click on view tab – Check the box for always show menus.

2. Right Click Menu – More Options :

To get instant access with any file and folder right clicking is the fastest option. vista right clicking menu has many other hidden options. Use SHIFT while right clicking to get the extra options.

3. Parental Control :

This feature in vista allows parents to regulate the way in which the computer is used by their children. To edit parental control settings – Goto Start – Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Safety – Click Parental Controls.You can either edit the existing account OR create a new user account.

This feature restricts access to

a. Programs
b. Time Limits
c. Games Access and
d. Internet

4. Short Cuts / Missing Desktop Icons :

If you need to add program and other icons on the Desktop in vista, then right click anywhere on the Desktop itself and choose personalize from the options. Nexk click on change Desktop icons and tick boxes against those icons which you need.You can customize your icons here.

5. Customizing the start menu

To customize OR add/remove start menu items – Right click on the taskbar and choose properties. Choose Start Menu tab and click on customize button. To remove an item from the menu tick the box – ( Don’t Display this item ) against the item which you don’t want to display.

6. Search Internet from within vista :

In vista you can search the internet from start menu itself. Click the Start button – enter the search keywords in the search field and click on search the Internet. vista has Live Search as its default search engine.

7. Customizing the POWER button on your computer :

You can change the function of the power button on your computer. Control Panel >> System & Maintainance >> Power Options >>
Choose what the power button does.


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