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Windows Vista Tips – Help – Features

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1. There is nice little trick to open your programs via Quick launch toolbar with hot keys. First of all arrange your applications/programs in quick launch toolbar according to your preference and in sequence.

If you cannot see your quick launch toolbar then right click on the taskbar and select QUICK LAUNCH from the toolbars menu.You can now open the programs using the Windows Key and 0 – 9 numbers in sequence.

2. Many times there comes a situation when selecting multiple files becomes a tedious chore. Imagine after selecting the required files only to find you have lost the selections because you pressed a key unknowingly.

Here is the solution

In VISTA you can enable the check boxes for selecting multiple files. Goto My Computer >> Organize >> Folder and Search Options and under the view tab check mark next to “use check box to select item”.

3. If you are a person who works in an office where lots of files are created on daily basis then this tip will help you a lot.

Files are created, stored and retreived. Retreiving files becomes difficult in case your HARDDISK is cluttered with them and disorganized. This makes us use the search option frequently. Now, if you use these search result files quite often then it is better to save the search result to a virtual folder. This can be one by clicking the file and choosing save search option.


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