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Microsoft Word three letter acronyms

Microsoft Word – TLA’S – The three letter ACRONYMS At the bottom on the right side of status bar in MICROSOFT WORD APPLICATION you will see 5 icons which are three letter acronyms. Each has its own function.
1. The first icon from left is the REC icon – which when activated by double clicking will start the Macro Dialogue box. Macros are used to record actions of repeatative kind. For example, if you always set your document to font type “verdana” and size to “12” then you can create a macro ( with these settings ) and apply the same to every document you create with just a single click of button. I will be covering macros and customized buttons in my next article.
2. The second icon is is TRK or Track changes. You can track changes between two documents with this feature.
3. The third icon is the EXT mode. This basically means extension mode. Double clicking this will activate the extension mode and you can select sentences and paragraphs with arrow keys. F8 is also used for selection.
4. The fourth in the row is the OVR icon. When activated this turns the typing into overwrite mode. This mode can be permanently set to active status by changing the defaults setting in tools >> options >> edit – and tick mark the check box next to overtype mode.

5. The last on the list is not exactly an TLA but a help icon. This icon gets activated once you start wrting a document. This icon is for spelling and grammer.
A basic user might not find these TLA’s very useful but for a power user they are dream come true.

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